About The General Department of Passports, Immigration and Nationality

The General Department of Passports, Immigration and Nationality is one of the agencies of the Ministry of the Interior that serves its citizens and foreigners. The Passports and Nationality Administration was established by a ministerial decision issued on 9/4/1939, and the name 1953 was amended to the (Immigration, Passports and Nationality Administration), then it was modified again to the (Passports, Immigration and Nationality Documents Authority) by Republican Decree No. 1842 of 1971 and then to the Passports, Immigration and Nationality Authority Decision of the President of the Republic No. 191 of 2001 dated 6/18/2001, then Ministerial Resolution No. 557 of 2018 regarding the amendment of the name to (General Directorate of Passports, Immigration and Nationality). Before the July 1952 revolution, the administration included the main center in the Kasr al-Aini area and a limited number of branches in Alexandria, Port Said, Suez, Ismailia, and Aswan in addition to its offices in the country's legal outlets, and then transferred to the building of the Governmental Authority Complex in Tahrir Square. On the date of 11/30/1962 Ministerial Resolution No. 108 of 1962 was issued, including its organizational structure, just as the rest of the Ministry’s interests and departments. Then, amendments and additions to this organizational structure were created by creating new departments required by the steady increase in the volume of work. Then it was finally transferred to its current headquarters in the General Administration of Passports, Immigration and Nationality building in Abbasiya

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